Gitarrissima of Vienna

19:30 on Tuesday, 11th December 2018

Olga Dimitrova – octave guitar
Réka Mihalovics-Zottmann, Antonina Ovchinnikova and Ayako Kaisho – concert guitar
Emily Smejkal – acoustic guitar


BIZET Carmen Ballet Suite
TCHAIKOVSKY Swan Lake; The Nutcracker Ballet Suites
SHOSTAKOVICH Tahiti Trot; Jazz Suite No.1
GERSHWIN Porgy and Bess
COPLAND Hoe Down from Rodeo
ANDREW YORK African Suite: Bantu
SHINGO FUJII Rhapsody Japan: Furusato
LEÓ WEINER Divertimento No. 1, Op. 20: Fox Dance
PETKO STAINOV Thracian Dances Suite: Rachenitsa

This unique ensemble of five young female guitarists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Japan and Austria have been enchanting a steadily growing international audience with their sensitive musical interplay and virtuoso performances. In 2014 they won 3rd Prize and the special Audience Prize at the 3rd International Competition for Guitar Ensembles in Aschaffenburg, Germany, impressive proof of their musicality. Thanks to their unusual line-up and original arrangements, Gitarrissima is breaking new ground in the genre of classical guitar music.